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released September 27, 2012




Sunlun Germany

Crust / HC from the Lower Rhine Area

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Track Name: Cloud Machine
screaming, screaming up to the sky

the streets pick up the sound

another soul gone mad with the city life

smashing bottles against the wall

see the shadows laughing back at you

reflections of the demons of the soul

put your ear to the ground

hear the machine below

mining and selling the foundations of our lives

gunshots echo in the park

i love this life far too much
Track Name: You Shut Your Mouth
it's about time someone told you to shut the fuck up
or when's that double decker bus gonna do its job?
cause i've been dreaming of a time
when reading your interviews isn't to be shameful
and i'm not happy and i'm not sad
i'm upset
it's time someone told you to fucking retire
i hop in my ten ton truck and start driving
i love your records, they're all on my shelves
but before you hang the dj i'd suggest you hang yourself
and i'm not happy and i'm not sad
i'm upset
when you compared the norway shooting to the meat industry
that was about the dumbest thing i have ever had to read
nothing's changed i still love you, i still love you
only slightly, only slightly less than i used to
Track Name: All The Boys Say
all the boys say:

i've been dead for 20 years

allegedly i'm free but the choices are never that appealing

i've been dead for as long as i remember

how am i gonna make it through another cold december?

and all the girls say:

well i don't know, they're not talking to me

but i reckon if they did they'd say the same

i've been dead for 20 years
Track Name: Son hechos, no palabras
policia armada en la ciudad

parodia amarga de seguridad

ne so olviden miles matados

por animals uniformados
Track Name: Pointless Routine
sudden terror hits
panic attack
walls start to crumble

cold logic conducts
a dance of the dead
dance your feet down to the bone

out of control
spinning and spinning
pointless routine
turn, little cog

subtle terror persists
trapped in this
walls are closing in

cold logic rules
it's catastrophic results
don't make it less logical

out of control
spinning and spinning
pointless routine
turn, little cog

you say it feels like
you say it feels like
the pressure cracks your head
there's puppet strings attached
Track Name: El mensaje
díme, cual es la dimensión política de tus lentes

díme, cual el el mensaje detrás de tus tenís

leen y saben y bailan y hablan

cual es el punto

léen y saben y bailan y hablan

y no creen en nada

chinguen a su madre todos