Sunlun / Chambers Split 12''

by Sunlun

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released December 19, 2016




Sunlun Germany

Crust / HC from the Lower Rhine Area

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Track Name: Mouthful Of Dead Earth
the tattered cord can be knotted again
it holds but it’s torn
we might just face each other again
but where you left me i won’t be

the hours melt away
a lump of ice in a sieve

i’m trapped in a vise of dated grief
hoping for the worst
mouthful of dead earth

tear the rain clouds from the sky
the songs all went unsung
estranged, the horror feels like home

choking on the words
mouthful of dead earth

love, i am in pieces
the glass eyed proof of how i failed
lay there with a mouthful of dead earth
Track Name: No Right Life
everything is violence
crumbling veneer, naught underneath
running in idle
now look who won the war, that’s something more

one arm in fire
ash is my blood
one arm in fire
nothing and song

rise and stand idle
eyes on the flag, six million dead
everything is violence
and every time i said i didn’t know
i spoke the truth
Track Name: Black Church
religion is the opiate of the masses
and patriotism is their cocaine

this whole city is full of itself
self satisfied, what a farce
this whole country is full of itself
self satisfied, head up its own arse

greed and corruption
in the shadow of the black church
death and destruction
Track Name: Amoco Cadiz
it’s ironic how far i have come
to see miles of dead black glisten in the sun
reproduction of labour power demands
for the blood of the earth
that has poisoned these sands

one hand clinging to the branch
and the other leads the saw

ease your conscience and boycott away
there’s nowhere to return to, that carrier has sailed
one hand leads the saw one clings to the branch
we’re all special little snowflakes in this avalanche